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photo Leeann SimonsHello. My name is Leeann Simons.  As a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutrition Science, I am qualified to talk to you about weight management. But what really adds to my credentials is the fact that over 20 years ago I lost 25 pounds and have managed to keep the weight off without sacrificing the foods I love to eat.

My “diet history” includes the Scarsdale diet (anyone remember that?), the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, fasting, starch blockers (the little pills that were supposed to allow you to eat as much bread, cereal and pasta as you wanted and never gain weight).  You name it – pretty much whatever was out there, I tried.  And those money back guarantees? I was too embarrassed to let anyone know I failed.

When I went to college, I gained the freshmen 10, and the following summer I was an assistant baker at a camp, and put on another 10-15 pounds.

So I have been there. 

What finally worked for me was when I just gave up dieting. I just stopped. I remember walking with a friend and talking about the book Fat Is A Feminist Issue, which drew a picture of a world where women ate whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Yes, they gained weight at first; but then, as food lost its power, the women stopped eating all the time.

This sounded so new, so different, and so wonderful – but I was afraid. What if I couldn’t stop myself from eating? What if I “gave myself permission” all the time, and I just kept putting on more and more weight?  It was, truly, a risk.

But it was also one of the most liberating experiences of my life.  And it worked.

Now I would like the opportunity to help those of you who may have experiences similar to mine.  It is a risky proposition to give up all that fear, power and emotion associated with food. But let me work with you, and together we can work on giving up the dieting mentality, learning how to enjoy eating again, and becoming At Peace With Food.

Leeann Simons is a registered dietician with over 20 years of expertise in the field of nutrition. She received her Master's Degree in Nutrition Science from Penn State University.  

Become At Peace with Food: Stop Dieting and Lose Weight
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