Hungry for Forbidden Foods

IMAGINE you could eat whatever you want whenever you want. Yes, you probably would gain weight the first week or two, because you were finally allowing yourself all the treats you have forbidden yourself. Now, if you can eat ice cream whenever you want, do you really think you need to eat it all the time?

If you can have that bowl of ice cream whenever you want, you won’t want it as often. You will find that what you have been hungry for is “the forbidden.” Once the food is no longer forbidden you will no longer feel guilty.

When I was in graduate school, my friend Anna and I were walking around the golf course. We were talking about a book entitled Fat is a Feminist Issue. The author was suggesting that if you could eat what you wanted when you wanted, food would assume a normal place in your life. Doesn’t this seem outrageous?

Try thinking about it for a few moments, though. If you follow this idea, you will no longer need to eat as many of those cookies. If you can eat them whenever you want, you will find that suddenly you don’t want them as much or as often. You will find that you are able to control your urges. These foods will now be a treat you enjoy, and not a food that gives you guilt.

Many people crave structure, and it is difficult to trust yourself to make the correct decisions. It is scary to think you actually will be able to have the correct balance of foods in your life.

But I tried it. I let go of my guilt over food about 25 years ago. I’ve lost 30 pounds since then and I have kept it off — and I still eat chocolate and ice cream.


Become At Peace with Food: Stop Dieting and Lose Weight

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