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…of some of the suggestions you may receive at our workshops

 “I can’t give up soda!”

Maybe it’s not the soda, but the amount of soda.  Instead of fighting, and losing, your daily battle about whether to drink the 20-ounce bottle so temptingly available in the office vending machine, just accept that you aren’t willing to do without soda — but stock up on 12 oz. cans that you keep in your office.

The Bagel Dilemma

Don’t start each morning telling yourself how “bad” you are for buying a bagel and cream cheese.  Just buy the bagel — then ask the vendor to cut it in half, and only give you one half.  Congratulate yourself for eating half as much as you might have, and let your mind move on to more important things.

“I like my rice — I really, really like it!”

Can’t kick the rice habit?  Take your normal serving of rice, and then take a ¼ cup measuring cup, scoop up that much rice, and put it back in the pot.  Fill the space empty space (if you can notice it!) with the more nutritious vegetables and meat that make up the rest of your meal. 

“I feel like I need to finish everything on my plate — it’s the way I was brought up”

Think about buying smaller dishes. It’s ingrained in many of us to eat everything on our plates, so it may be easiest to simply look for smaller plates. Then you can fill it up and “clean your plate” without feeling guilty.

“Do I have to eat breakfast? It makes me nauseous.”

If it makes you sick, don’t do it. But understand that when you skip a meal, your body doesn’t know if this fast is voluntary or involuntary, and it will act to conserve every calorie it gets by slowing down your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories). Try having a piece of toast with a little bit of peanut butter and give your metabolism a boost.

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