About the Workshops

At Peace with Food addresses the root causes of being overweight: a lifetime of poor eating habits and exercise behaviors together with low self esteem.  The program offers participants the opportunity to develop their own strategies for making permanent, positive changes, including:

We offer the program through a variety of workshop formats. The workshops will emphasize individual participation, including activities designed to help you learn about yourself while making this program work for you.

1. Teleclass.  This is a one-hour introduction to our At Peace With Food Healthy Lifestyle program.  You will begin to understand the ways in which you can begin to make changes to permanently become At Peace With Food.

2. Webinar. Here we provide a 4-hour online class broken into two 2-hour sessions.  You can listen via phone or on the Internet.  The program contains visuals and opportunity for interaction so you can ask your questions and learn more about improving your relationship with food.

3. Live workshop. This 3-hour workshop is an opportunity to meet in a small group setting.  We provide several interactive activities along with a solid understanding of how to integrate the At Peace With Food Healthy Lifestyle program into your daily living.

4. Weekend workshop.  Over a two-day period (one 2-3 hour evening session followed by a 5-6 hour day session, including time for meals and rest breaks), you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the At Peace With Food program. The workshop includes activities to begin to personalize our program for your own needs, as well as opportunities to meet one on one with Leeann Simons.  The program will conclude with a hypnotherapy session designed to relax you, while motivating you to continue with the valuable lessons you will have learned throughout the weekend.


Become At Peace with Food: Stop Dieting and Lose Weight

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